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Agency Partner Programme

Need a partner that provides powerful digital solutions white-labelling and excellent service to you and your clients? We should talk.

Collaborative efforts from a partnership lets us leverage on one another’s expertise to deliver effective marketing solutions to clients. This is why we love working with various partners such as agencies and software developers.

Besides existing clients get to enjoy value add, and new clients are attracted as a result.

How the partnership works

We work with our partners in several ways.

  • Some partners refer us the business and we manage the client from the beginning.
  • Others have us jointly manage the accounts, so we get involved in client meetings and calls from start to end.
  • The rest prefer us to play a more supportive role, implementing our work in the background while they manage the client.

Whichever way you would prefer it, we are glad to accommodate so in order that the clients receive the best service and quality of work.

White labelling included

We are good with having our partner's logos and branding on the materials and reports that we generate. Check out a sample report for your client here:

Benefits of partnering with clickTRUE

Partnering with clickTRUE allows you to focus

  • Provide service to your clients without the distraction of staying on top of a rapidly-changing niche 
  • Do away with time-consuming tasks such as SEO to experts and spend more effort and time with your clients and doing what you’re best at
  • Stay on top of the game, minus the steep learning curve

clickTRUE guarantees satisfaction

  • clickTRUE develops search and social strategies aligned to your client's existing PR/Marketing strategy to ascertain the best interests of everyone
  • Well established partnerships with online giants such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook to ensure your clients get the best support possible
  • Up to date with the best technologies and tools to track your clients’ campaigns and measure ROI

clickTRUE requires little supervision

  • Successful online experience in Search Marketing, Social Media, Web Analytics and Conversion Optimisation, allowing us to address a spectrum of your clients' needs
  • Overall digital strategy, keyword research, campaign management, creative optimisation, reporting and analysis  - we provide everything to effectuate a successful campaign. You can stay as involved as you want or put us on cruise control

Served by experts

When it comes to digital search technologies, not many have the expertise and experience of clickTRUE. Here, we can work together with you to give your clients the benefits of world-class digital experience and innovative technologies.

Agencies We Work With

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