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Walking Down Memory Lane

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By Daren Tay on March 8th, 2010
in Culture | 4 Comments

This is a copy of my final email to my colleagues, and with some meaningful photos to recap upon, I have posted this in the blog to share with all of you. It has been a good 7 years, knowing so many colleagues who have become great friends over the years. Thanks for making this swell journey together with me!


Good morning everyone!

Sorry this farewell email came a tad late, but hope this spurs your new work week ahead!
Allow me to indulge abit of your time :)

It has been year 2000 since I first got involved with HWZ/clickTRUE, when I started helping out in areas like reviewing, data entry, road shows and price list updating!!  Move forward to 2004, and I began my full time adventure with HWZ with many sweet ladies….

….and fun guys!

10 years is a long time and I have made many good friends :) It has been an absolutely crazy time, full of crazy moments, and unforgettable experiences. I never thought I was working the last 6 years around :) (But work was done lah of course haha)

As I approached the last day with you guys, it was pretty emotional for me. Falling short of having Faye (oops!) to drop a precious tear for me, I think I would have done so if I couldn’t hold it back haha! *Almost there*

I will truly miss the great times we had, and you guys will continue to have, that has become a signature of the people involved with this great “community”. When I woke up this morning, I started to realise the big void haha, one that a hearty breakfast might help me overcome (haha!)

Some of the unforgettable and some pretty crazy moments (sorry guys! haha)

I have no idea what motivated this stance from them! Some of those familiar faces you may know are Joe, Jimmy and Zach!

Me and Joe trying to do a few somersaults before heading home unwillingly…

One of the many annual HWZ dinner with “sure-win” prizes.

Many people have come and gone over the years, but the pool of friendship just grew.
Over the years, I have grown accustom to our unity and strong bond. Many ups and downs, but these are what make the journey so much more memorable as I headed out of the office for the last time, as an employee.

It started here, for me at least :)

I’m pretty honoured to have been able to stay for such a long time myself, and I guess I hold the honour of having the whole company queue up for lunch for me…

and to celebrate me getting old year on year for me

Fast forward to 2008 and we came to the next milestone of joining the media giant SPH! It was then that we realise we were pretty messy, and decide to take stock…
Messy GameAxis office, but it was pretty much the same mostly everywhere haha… couldn’t find pictures of my messy desk in time :p

We started to clear up, pack up…

My neater looking old work area

And we moved over to SPHM to begin a brand new chapter! and for those that I have the privilege to be working with the past year in SPHM, it was the beginning of clickTRUE!

We started (at the halfway mark though) with a brand new looking office with a free space for expression. Home is for free expression, not good impression :)


I had a great time with folks at clickTRUE, all the activities that we are always involved in, building relationships and fostering a better bond, and bringing that to the work environment.
SPH Netball Carnival. We may not have won, but we did not lose either :)

Well, look through the tons of photos (we are all photo whores I must say haha!) and beginning the new month looking back at the good memories, I am also excited at the forward journey I myself am taking. The good people that I am leaving behind…

At clickTRUE

At Editorial

And at New Media

I look forward to continuous contact :)
I always see you guys as friends first, colleagues later. Will miss you guys alot! Don’t be in anguish (hehe)

Well, now that its the end of that memory lane, its time to take stock of what I have achieve, learnt and done…

Sort and Pack up my stuff…

And move out (and move on!)

All the very best to each and everyone of you in your respective position. Make the best out of your time, and I know, this is not the end of the relationship, just the beginning of a continuous one :)  —> a bit oxymoron statement, but you know what I mean

Lastly, I would like to share with you something a dear friend, Iris at Finance SPHL, made for me as my farewell remembrance, which I thought it would be nice to share with you all, seeing some of the photos will bring back memories for quite a few of you :)

Click on this!

Do keep in touch, this is my personal email, and my various contacts and social links are in my signature below.
I’m always just but a phone, IM and mail away. Who knows, we may cross path working together again, or on the street.. remember to call me if you do see me!

Will miss you guys, have fun, take care and see you real soon!

Alright, get back to work!


Daren Tay

4 Responses to “Walking Down Memory Lane”

  1. bioanarchism says:

    weu weet, i lub you you too, Daren!

    *shakes pom pom*

  2. Matthias Jackob says:

    Hi Daren,
    this is really a “memory lane” with nice impressions about the last 10 years.
    Best regards

  3. dlysen says:

    The photos are talking, It explain what the words can’t say.

  4. DarenTay says:

    Thanks for the kind words, but yeah, it has been a fantastic decade of journey.

    Cheerios folks!

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